Yewon jewelry dating site

They are both good looking, funny in variety show, have cute/sexy charm (which is crazy) and so talented. Episode links (I'll try to keep this post updated unless you want to put it in the OP~) Subbed Episode 1 Episode 2 MBC is taking couple name suggestions until March 27th! before this she was into JB for many many years and i was like, errrmmmmm okaaaaaaaay... So, if we were to put them together in one room, or soon one house, it would be the most amazing combo! They already look like a family and so comfortable with each other. There already seem to be a lot of Henry x Yewon fans given the number of suggestions. It's cute that you and your niece can bond over this ship haha. *stays away* but now we have a common ground : Henry.. Had only watch them in two episodes, but I could already feel the overflown chemistry. Real name: Liu Xianhua Stage Name: Henry Lau / Henry Date of Birth: 11 October 1989 Birth place: Toronto, Canada Talent: Violin, Piano, Popping, Guitar, Rap Label: SM Entertaiment Blood Type: AB Height: 178 cm Weight: 63 kg , Real name: Kim Yewon Stage name: Yewon Date of Birth: 5 December 1989 Birth place: South Korea Talent: Vocalist (Jewelry), Piano, Dance Label: Star Empire Blood Type: O Height: 162 cm Weight: 45 kg SNS: Instagram, "Nice to meet you. But it is so cute how Yewon can't look into Henry's eyes longer than he could. Episode links (I'll try to keep this post updated unless you want to put it in the OP~) Subbed Episode 1 Episode 2 MBC is taking couple name suggestions until March 27th! And I get what you mean about Henry being an oddball choice; I'm typically into the normal/cool guys but Henry is just so off-the-wall that I can't help but like him. but since we fought over Henry a lot, so now she's like, into Kyuhyun.. we spammed msg each other with links to Henry clips on Youtube.. though sometimes when i check her profile pic or handphone background is Henry we'll get into another fight.. i used to like serious, upstanding guys, you know..

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Gosh, there is so many hot men in the entertainment industry.

If I was a part of it I could legit call my self a hoe.

jieqiong: be nice to her, everyone around her is dating except her and i’m sure she’s lonely tooyebin: omg since when are you smartjieqiong: stop this is important!!

yewon is our daughter, and we have to protect her from the possible danger that can be kyungwon.

I feel like I'm the only one who always needs comfort.

I think I already have my answer, but I need comfort from those around me."When DJ Choi Hwa Jung asked if she was currently dating, Yewon responded, "I don't have a boyfriend." Can't blame you girl.

LOL but never was really into any couple, or be like, obsessed with any couple.. i wish they'd have all suju members over at his and yewon housewarming or something.. my niece was like, wow, all the hyungs gonna bully the maknae like crazy..

Henry's gonna try to show off his wife.., but his hyungs not gonna let him get away with it..

Also links to their social media accounts for anyone interested: Henry: Instagram Twitter Yewon: Instagram Twitter Thank you thank you . Also thank you for showing love to the eternally cute Yewon Heheheh, thanks!

Tell me if i need to add anything more okay Yes, and from what i heard (read from the internet) both of them are quite popular among opposite gender.

like, he was totally like a puppy in front of yewon trying to impress her (and failing LOL) but he looked less interested in his second date...


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