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You can use China Post to monitor your e Packet tracking numbers for your customers.

Formerly, products purchased from China were shipped by sea. This also meant that your customers had to wait longer to receive their products.

The goal is to increase international ecommerce sales for China.

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The downside of this however was that it would often take more than a month for the customers to receive their orders.

Any other alternative option available was far too expensive, especially considering the price of the product.

This new retail rate category will be called First Class Package Service Retail and include pricing for parcels weighing up to 13 oz.

Existing First Class Package Service commercial price categories will be unaffected and provide pricing for packages up to 16oz.

e Packet delivery is one of the most popular shipping methods.

It is offered by merchants from China and Hong Kong and is one of the fastest delivery methods that allows you to ship internationally.

When you check your e Packet tracking data, it’s likely that you’ll notice many packages arrive sooner.

There are several considerations to make regarding using e Packet delivery.

Customs, foreign postal services, and other barriers might hinder the tracking of any single item, let alone a large number.


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