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Only applications with Abitur, equivalent to general high school diploma, will be accepted.

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This visa is required to enter into Turkey and to make registration to the university.

An Equivalence Letter from the Ministry of Education of Turkey or from the Turkish Embassy Education Counsellor in their country, certifying that the diploma is equivalent to a Turkish High School Diploma, Applicants who apply pursuant to the Article 4 of the application criteria must submit a certified document which states that the applicant has completed the entire secondary education abroad (a certified document from the school graduated or a transcript covering the complete education period), The result of the GCE AL exam for citizens of Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus who still reside and have taken the GCE AL exam after completing their secondary education in the TRNC, and who took the GCE AL exam after completing their secondary education in foreign countries between 2005-2010, ID information documents for Turkish citizens by birth but who have lost Turkish citizenship via residential permit, and who have Turkish nationality up to the third sub-lineage and can deliver the record from Blue ID Register from Blue ID or ID-Share system, and also who can deliver ID record from their own national country, A photocopy of passport with an education visa and residence permit from Provincial Security Directorate (Foreign applicants who completed their high school education entirely in Turkish Republic can use their available residence permit and can be registered without education visa), The Candidates who are accepted for registiration must certify that their economic status is eligible for their study of first year of accepted program (tuition fee, accomodation and book expenses) mentioned amount should be at candiates bank account or another person shold sign undertaking form to show he will undertake all expenses of student Ankara University Turkish and Foreign Languages Research and Application Centre (TÖMER) diploma or registration document / Yunus Emre Institute Turkish Proficiency Document.

(SAT Code for Ankara University: 7964) Students registering for university must enrol in Universal Health Insurance (Genel Sağlık Sigortası) by applying to Social Security Institution (Sosyal Güvenlik Kurumu) with their Foreigner Identification Number.

Students cannot benefit from the health service unless they apply for it.

To access the form, applicants will fill in their e-mail address and password they received.

The next step will be uploading a picture and filling out the form.

Applicants who will apply with Ankara University Examination for Foreign Students, inside or outside Turkey, will make their selections on with their AYÖS number and test year between June 19-July 10, 2017.

Applicants, after selecting minimum 1, maximum 5 options, will submit and press save button to complete the application.

k)Aptitude test: Applicants who will apply to departments that require aptitude tests should not only provide the necessary requirements, but also required to take an aptitude test conducted by the related faculty or department.

The results of exams which are specified as the University Entrance Exam are valid for only two years.

Foreign Languages Research and Application Centre (TÖMER) or Yunus Emre Institute have been awarded a degree of Turkish Proficiency.

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