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Seeing as Walking Dead features British born Lennie James, we thought we’d award our number one spot to British actor and leading man Andrew Lincoln.

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While many of the skirts in Mango are too thigh-skimming for my liking, I find a knee-length black and navy pencil skirt for €29.99 (£23.75), which looks great with the sweater. Sadly, there are no party shoes here either, but I find a cosy tartan scarf for €19.99 (£15.82). They're not on my winter shopping list, but as one of the arms fell off my own pair on the flight over - and the sun is very bright - I treat myself to a pair of tortoiseshell specs.

At €19.99 (£15.82), they're nearly a tenner less than in the UK, where they’re £24.99.

By this point I’m too exhausted to shop any more and treat myself to a bowl of gazpacho soup, a roll and a small jug of sangria in a beautiful square off Las Ramblas - Barcelona’s tree-lined promenade.

The cost is an eye-watering €17 (£13.45), but then I am in prime tourist territory.

In the UK, this dress would have set me back £49.99, so that’s a saving of £18.36 to start with.

Then I spy a navy blazer with a single brass button that will go with everything and is so classically chic, it’s surely one the Duchess of Cambridge would have her eye on if she wasn't expecting.

After returning to my hotel to recharge my batteries, I spend the evening exploring in the vibrant squares of the Gracia area 15 minutes’ walk from my hotel. - and a beer for €25 (£19.79) before heading to bed for an early night.

And I find a pair of shoes that will be perfect for work and Christmas parties.

I have a couple of glamorous friends who occasionally jet off to New York to stock up on the latest designer labels, but my budget has never stretched further than my local High Street. Items are either manufactured in Spain or, if they're made further afield, channelled through Spanish distribution centres.


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