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When the world was just beginning to industrialize, the world was in a standstill with nature.

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Large corporate farms use science and technology to re-enact what has been going on for years without realizing it.

This re-enactment includes the use of current technology to their own benefit, by putting others at risk.

The establishment of civilization can primarily be credited to the creation of agriculture approximately 10,000 years ago.

Throughout the years between then and today, agriculture has not only developed itself, but it has developed other major aspects of civilization as well.

Although the Industrial Revolution created a more powerful economy and enhanced labor tactics in agriculture, there are some flaws in the enhancements that should be addressed more today. As pesticides were created in the Industrial Revolution to grow more abundant and appealing crops, scientists have found the pesticides used back then, to be quite dangerous for human consumption.

This chart represents the millions of dollars in the U. As the chemicals “benefited” the economy then from creating a surplus of good looking food, farmers today are resorting back to pesticides.

While rice fields in China might have had a perfect balance of sunlight, water, and nutrients in the soil, the cotton farms in the Southern states could have had a drought leaving the crop damaged and the soil too dry to cultivate.

Back then, there was no such thing as insurance for a crop, so if the harvest were to fail, the farmer would lose his money and have to find another way to feed his family and grow crop the next season.

Before the Industrial Revolution, farmers had to use full manual labor to cultivate the land, but as engines were being invented, farmers began to realize that instead of animal drawn plows, engine drawn plows would be more efficient.

The improvements made during the Industrial Revolution created the best possible socioeconomic system for the time, but improvements to those machines today, are what we need to make the best possible system for our modern day economy.

With the new technology and advancements in agriculture, why do we, humans, think that it is okay to replay history with slavery and inequality?


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