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Almost everywhere takes cards since — as New York can trick you out of remembering — it's 2015 and this should be the normal in all places. Admittedly, I still keep a huge purse but it is far less heavy these days. I don't know if it's the ease of widespread public transit (which, TBH, I super miss) or the stressful nature of the city itself, but no city drinks like New York.None of these arbitrary rules New York restaurants randomly invent actually exist elsewhere. Since you don't have to walk one mile to the subway and one mile back, those insanely cute hand-me-down pumps you carried for years only to collect dust are now a real and viable option. It took just three weeks to burn a hole right through my Toms in New York. And even if you don't have a car, you probably don't have several flights of stairs to conquer before getting into your apartment, and then a handful of roommates with whom you gotta share limited storing space. And drinking that heavily that often is gonna take its toll at some point.Here's just a sampling of all there is to look forward to: This is the first of many bomb ass discoveries you'll make when getting out of NYC. Instead of living with roommates until you're deep into your 40s, living outside of NY gives you the option of going solo way more often....

Save a few exceptions like the Bay Area and parts of L. A friend of mine divulged this little tidbit to me once, while she was deep in the throes of planning a move from Brooklyn to Austin. When you bounce from the Big Apple, you soon learn that forking over $400 to some doofus with a longboard — showing you mostly decrepit buildings outside of your price range — is not a universal practice. A furry little companion is pretty much the best, and with a bit more living space, being a certifiable pet owner is definitely more manageable.

A., pretty much anywhere else you choose to live in the U. More good news: You don't have to dodge that sweltering hot pipe in your apartment during the winter, or explain away to friends why there's a shower in your kitchen. With lower prices all 'round — and not just rent, but groceries, bar tabs, cover charges, etc.

I made plans to move south to Atlanta, another metropolitan option that was cheaper, closer to my parents, and more promising when it comes to that whole "work-life balance" thing.

Now, I'm rounding up on my one-year, post-New York anniversary, and whenever friends still there ask how life is treating me down here, I always offer up the same honest response: "I feel like I hit the easy button on life." And that's for real.

And what do you really have to show for that kind of practice other than an insane collection of plastic chopsticks you'll never actually attempt to use? With less temptation to be lazy and a (probably) larger kitchen, you have the opportunity to embrace your inner Top Chef.

OK, that's because there's way less happening, but TBH, until I have Hermione's Time Turner, there's no way I could ever hope to hit all 17 awesome-looking concerts any given night of the week — not to mention the heaps of other goings on like gallery openings, parties, potlucks, exhibitions, etc.Now I know this isn't a universal fact or anything — many folks I met in New York I know will absolutely be lifers and be thrilled about that. I was lucky for the most part and had really exceptional roommates most of my Brooklyn tenure.But for me — and for a lot of other people out there — leaving New York makes life a whole lot easier. However, at a certain point you just wanna go pantsless and not have to warn anyone in's all part of what makes New York the mecca of awesomeness everyone knows and loves. In fact, it can be pretty damn awesome — for a million tiny different reasons.Of course, living in New York has plenty of challenges, too — which is why eventually, it came time for a change, and I packed up my bags and moved. After three years, seven tattoos, three apartments, countless jobs, and just as many dudes (plus public subway cryings), I deemed it high time to make my exit.But since most cities don't have the rapidly-rising rent costs New York does, businesses elsewhere have a greater chance of keeping the lights on for longer than a few years.


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