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In Finnish adessive can indicate adjacency, indeterminate location, property, ownership or means of doing something.

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To evoke love and to keep it vibrant is not easy because we are following subconscious scripts, hidden deep within our souls.

We are subject to an evolutionary process which has given all beings their present form and this process keeps refining its ‘love manual’ as it has for millions of years.

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a relatively tall nose with a more or less visible hump aatelisrouva :: noblewoman aatelissääty :: nobility (nobility as an estate of the realm) aatelissuku :: noble family (family that belongs to nobility) aatelisto :: nobility aatelisuus :: nobility, nobleness (quality of being of noble birth) aatelisvaakuna :: A coat of arms of a noble family aateliton :: commoner (not of noble rank) aatella [dialectal] :: alternative form of ajatella aatelma :: alternative form of ajatelma aateloida :: To ennoble, raise to the nobility/peerage aatelointi :: ennobling, ennoblement (making one noble) aateluus :: nobility, nobleness (quality) aateluus velvoittaa :: noblesse oblige aatemaailma :: ideology (doctrine, body of ideas) aatepiiri :: sphere of ideas aaterakennelma :: ideology, system of thought (body of beliefs or principles belonging to an individual or group, especially one that has been organized to a theory) aaterikkaus :: richness of ideas, richness of thought aatesisar :: ideological sister (female ideological companion) aatesuunta :: current of thought, ideological current aatetoveri :: co-ideologist, ideological companion aateveli :: ideological brother (male ideological companion) aatevirtaus :: current of thought, ideological current Aato [rare] :: male given name aatonaatto :: eve's eve (day before an eve) aatos [literary] :: thought Aatos :: male given name aatra [dialectal] :: plough aatra [historical] :: ard, scratch plough (simple plough) aatteellinen :: Ideological; adhering to an ideology aatteellisemmin :: comparative form of aatteellisesti aatteellisempi :: comparative form of aatteellinen aatteellisesti :: ideologically aatteellisimmin :: superlative form of aatteellisesti aatteellisin :: superlative form of aatteellinen aatteellisuus :: The state of being ideological aatteeton :: unideological -aatteinen [lb, fi, dated] :: -minded -aatteinen [lb, fi, dated] :: -thinking aatto :: eve Aatto :: male given name aattoaika :: An unspecified period before an eve, when preparations are made for the celebration aattoaika :: opening hours on an eve aattoilta :: eve's eve; the evening of an eve, particularly the evening before juhannus, joulu or uusivuosi aattopäivä :: eve day, eve aattoyö :: eve night, eve's night (night of an eve, particularly the night before juhannus, joulu or uusivuosi) Aatu :: male given name aava :: open, wide (featuring a very large open area, especially sea) aava :: open sea Aava :: female given name aavameri :: A rare spelling of aava meri, ("high seas, open sea"), used principally attributively in genitive singular, as in aavanmeren laivasto aave :: ghost (spirit of a dead person) aavejuna :: ghost train (supernatural manifestatiopn of a train) aavekaupunki :: A ghost town aavekipu :: phantom pain aavekuva :: ghost image (undesired image appearing at the image plane of an optical system) aavelaiva :: ghost ship aavemainen :: ghostly aavemaisemmin :: comparative form of aavemaisesti aavemaisempi :: comparative form of aavemainen aavemaisesti :: eerily aavemaisimmin :: superlative form of aavemaisesti aavemaisin :: superlative form of aavemainen aavemaisuus :: ghostliness aavempi :: comparative form of aava aavesärky [medicine] :: phantom pain aavikko :: desert aavikkoalue :: desert area aavikkogundi :: Val's gundi, Ctenodactylus vali (rodent found in parts of northern Sahara) aavikkohaukka :: saker, saker falcon (Falco cherrug) aavikkoiguaani :: desert iguana, Dipsosaurus dorsalis aavikkoilmasto :: desert climate aavikkoilves :: caracal (Caracal caracal) aavikkoinen :: desert, barren (consisting of, or like a desert) aavikkojerbo :: jerboa, desert rat aavikkojäniskenguru :: Lake Mackay hare-wallaby (Lagorchestes asomatus) aavikkojuoksija :: cream-coloured courser, Cursorius cursor aavikkokaniini :: desert cottontail, Sylvilagus audubonii aavikkokauppiasrotta :: desert woodrat, Neoroma lepida aavikkokehrääjä :: Egyptian nightjar, Caprimulgus aegyptius aavikkokenguru :: desert rat-kangaroo (Caloprymnus campestris) aavikkokerttu :: streaked scrub warbler, Scotocerca inquieta aavikkokettu :: fennec (Fennecus zerda) aavikkokissa :: African wildcat, Felis silvestris lybica aavikkokiuru :: desert lark, Ammomanes deserti aavikkokiuru [in plural] :: Ammomanes (genus of birds in lark family) aavikkokultakontiainen :: Grant's golden mole, Eremitalpa granti aavikkokultamyyrä :: Grant's golden mole, Eremitalpa granti aavikkokultarinta :: Sykes's warbler, Iduna rama aavikkomara :: Chacoan mara, Dolichotis salinicola aavikkopikkumarsu :: southern mountain cavy, Microcavia australis aavikkopöllö :: Hume's owl, Strix butleri aavikkopäästäinen :: Crawford's gray shrew, Notiosorex crawfordi aavikkopussimäyrä :: desert bandicoot, Perameles eremiana aavikkopyy [in plural] :: Amnoperdix (genus of birds consisting of two species) aavikkopyy :: sand partridge, Ammoperdix heyi aavikkorotta :: A desert rat or jerboa, especially the lesser Egyptian jerboa, Jaculus jaculus aavikkosiili :: long-eared hedgehog, Hemiechinus auritus aavikkotaipaani :: inland taipan, small scaled snake or fierce snake, Oxyuranus microlepidotus aavikkotasku :: desert wheatear, Oenanthe deserti aavikkotaskurotta :: desert pocket gopher, Geomys arenarius aavikkotrappi :: Arabian bustard, Ardeotis arabs aavikkotulkku [in plural] :: Bucanetes (genus of passerine birds consisting of two species) aavikkotulkku :: trumpeter finch, Bucanetes githagineus aavikkotylli :: greater sand plover, Charadrius leschenaultii aavikkounikeko :: desert dormouse, Selevinia betpakdalaensis aavikkovarpunen :: desert sparrow (Passer simplex) aavikoittaa :: to desertify (to cause to become desert) aavikoitua :: to desertify (to become desert) aavikoituminen :: desertification aavin :: superlative form of aava aavistaa :: To anticipate; to have a feeling that..., have a premonition of aavistamaton :: unexpected, unforeseen aavistamatta :: unsuspectedly aavistamatta :: unsuspectingly aavisteleminen [fi-infinitive of, t=4, aavistella] :: aavistella :: To have a hunch, to have a funny feeling aavistuksenomainen :: premonition-like aavistus :: premonition, intuition aavistuslähtö [sports] :: false start abaattinen [medicine] :: abasic (lacking the ability to walk) abakaviiri :: abacavir abaksiaalinen :: abaxial (facing to a direction away from the central axis of an organism) abakteriaalinen :: abacterial (not caused by bacteria, characterized by lack of bacteria) abakterielli [rare] :: Alternative term for abakteriaalinen abaloni :: An abalone, a pawa (New Zealand English) abasia [medicine] :: abasia (inability to walk) abatasepti [pharmacology] :: abatacept abatsi :: abachi, obeche, wawa, ayous, samba (Triplochiton scleroxylon) abbedissa [Christianity] :: An abbess abbotinsukeltaja-antilooppi :: Abbott's duiker (Cephalophus spadix) ABC-ase :: ABC weapon (atomic, biological or chemical weapon of mass destruction) abdikaatio :: abdication abdikoida :: To abdicate abdominaali :: abdominal, ventral (of or pertaining to the abdomen) abdominaalimigreeni [pathology] :: abdominal migraine (variant of migraine) abdominaalinen :: abdominal abduktiivinen :: abductive abduktio :: abduction (wrongful, and usually forcible, carrying off of a human being, especially by aliens) abduktio [logic] :: abduction (form of argument) abduktio [physiology] :: abduction (movement which separates a body part from the center line of the body or a limb) abduktoida :: To abduct abduktori [anatomy] :: abductor (muscle which serves to draw a part out) abeetalipoproteinemia [pathology] :: abetalipoproteinemia (rare autosomal recessive disorder, lack of beta-lipoproteins in blood) aberraatio :: aberration aberrantti :: aberrant abessiivi [grammar] :: abessive abessiivisija [grammar] :: abessive case Abessinia :: Abyssinia (historical name of Ethiopia) abessinialainen [historical] :: Abyssinian abessinialainen :: Abyssinian (breed of cat) abessinialainen [historical] :: Abyssinian (person) abessiniangenetti :: Abyssinian genet, Genetta abyssinica (carnivore of the family Viverridae - civets and relatives, found in moorland, grasslands and sub-desert areas in Ethiopia, Sudan, Eritrea and Djibouti) abessinianleijona :: Masai lion, Panthera leo roosevelti abhaasi :: An Abkhaz abhaasi :: The Abkhaz language abhaasin kieli :: Abkhaz language abhaasinkielinen :: Abkhaz (expressed in Abkhaz language) abhaasinkielinen :: Abkhaz-speaking abhaasintaa :: to translate into Abkhaz Abhasia :: Abkhazia (a region/country in the Caucasus) abhasialainen :: Abkhazian abhasialainen :: Abkhaz (person from Abkhazia) abi [colloquial] :: A candidate for the matriculation examination abikoliitin :: A type of electrical connector for small diameters of electric wire which are attached to the end of the line by pressing abikopihti [usually in plural] :: A pair of pliers designed specially for pressing electric connectors to the ends of conductor wires, see abikoliitin abiogeneesi :: abiogenesis abioottinen :: abiotic abiotrofia [pathology] :: abiotrophy abiristeily :: A cruise organized for the last year students of one or more high schools (lukio).

This type of cruises are often organized by the students of the Finnish high schools located conveniently to the cruise harbors abiturientti :: A student on the last class of a high school, a candidate for the matriculation examination abivuosi :: A student's last year in high school (lukio) ablaatio :: ablation ablatiivi [grammar] :: ablative ablatiivinen :: ablatival ablatiivisija [grammar] :: ablative case abnormaali :: Abnormal abnormi :: abnormal abnormiteetti :: abnormality abnormius :: abnormality abo :: abo abolitionismi :: abolitionism abolitionisti :: abolitionist aboraalinen [zoology] :: aboral (located away from the mouth) aboriginaali :: Aboriginal (original inhabitant of Australia) aboriginaaliheimo :: Aboriginal tribe aborigine :: Aborigine (aboriginal Australian) abortiivinen :: abortive abortinvastainen :: antiabortion abortoida :: To abort (a fetus; to cause a premature termination of a fetus) abortoiminen :: abort, aborting abortointi :: abort abortti [medicine] :: abortion, induced abortion (procedure that terminates pregnancy by removing the fetus) aborttiklinikka :: abortion clinic (medical facility that specializes in abortions) aborttilainsäädäntö :: abortion legislation aborttipilleri :: abortion pill (drug that induces abortion) aborttitabletti :: Alternative term for aborttipilleri abraasio :: abrasion abrahamilainen :: Abrahamic abrakadabra :: abracadabra (used by performing magician to indicate the moment of performing a magical trick or illusion) abrakadabra :: abracadabra (complicated technical or other jargon) abrakia [pathology] :: abrachia (congenital absence of arms) absenssi :: absence absessi [pathology] :: An abscess absidi [architecture] :: apse (semicircular projection from a building, especially the rounded east end of a church that contains the altar) absidi [rare] :: vestibule of a double skin tent absiksimabi [pharmacology] :: abciximab absintti :: absinthe, absinth (strong alcoholoc beverage) abskessi [medicine] :: abscess abskissa [mathematics] :: abscissa absolutiivi [grammar] :: The absolutive case absolutismi :: absolutism absolutismi :: the ideal of abstaining from the consumption of alcohol absolutisti :: absolutist (one who favours an absolute government) absolutisti :: teetotaler (one who drinks no alcohol at all) absolutistinen :: absolutist absoluutio :: absolution absoluutti :: absolute absoluuttinen :: absolute absoluuttinen lämpötila :: absolute temperature absoluuttinen nollapiste [physics] :: absolute zero absoluuttisemmin :: comparative form of absoluuttisesti absoluuttisesti :: absolutely absoluuttisimmin :: superlative form of absoluuttisesti absoluuttisuus :: absoluteness (state of being absolute) absorbanssi :: absorbance absorbentti :: absorbent absorboida [physics] :: To absorb absorbointi :: absorption absorboitua [physics, illative] :: To be absorbed into absorptio [chemistry, physics] :: absorption absorptiokerroin :: absorption coefficient absorptiometria :: absorptiometry absorptiospektri [physics] :: absorption spectrum absorptioviiva :: absorption line abstinenssi :: abstinence abstinenssioire :: Alternative term for vieroitusoire abstrahoida :: To abstract, make an epitome/a general concept of abstrahointi :: abstraction abstrahoitua :: To be abstracted, be generalized abstrakteimmin :: superlative form of abstraktisti abstraktein :: superlative form of abstrakti abstrakti :: Abstract (free from representational qualities) abstrakti :: Abstract (apart from practice or reality; not concrete; ideal; vague; theoretical; impersonal) abstrakti :: Abstract (difficult to understand; abstruse) abstrakti algebra [mathematics] :: abstract algebra abstraktijulkaisu :: abstract publication (publication publishing abstracts) abstraktimmin :: comparative form of abstraktisti abstraktimpi :: comparative form of abstrakti abstraktinen :: abstract abstraktio :: abstraction abstraktisesti :: alternative form of abstraktisti abstraktistaa :: A variant of abstrahoida abstraktisti :: abstractly abstraktistua :: To become abstract abstraktisuus :: alternative form of abstraktius abstraktius :: abstractness (quality of being abstract) absurdeimmin :: superlative form of absurdisti absurdein :: superlative form of absurdi absurdi :: absurd absurdimmin :: comparative form of absurdisti absurdimpi :: comparative form of absurdi absurdismi :: absurdism absurdisti :: absurdly absurdisti :: absurdist absurditeetti :: absurdity absurdius :: absurdity abulia [psychiatry] :: abulia abuulinen [psychiatry] :: abulic abyssaalinen :: abyssal abyssinen :: alternative form of abyssaalinen acajoupähkinä [rare] :: cashew nut, acajou aceh :: Acehnese, Aceh (Malayo-Polynesian language spoken in Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia) adaktylia [pathology] :: adactylism (congenital absence of fingers or toes) adamantaani :: adamantane adamantiini [anatomy] :: enamel (hard covering on the exposed part of a tooth) adapaleeni [pharmacology] :: adapalene (medicine used topically to treat skin conditions) adaptaatio :: adaptation (process of becoming adapted) adapteri :: adapter adaptiivinen :: adaptive adaptoida :: To adapt adaptointi :: An adaptation; the process of adapting adaptoitua :: To be(come) adapted adaptoituminen :: adaptation addikti :: An addict addiktio :: an addiction addiktoida :: to addict (to cause to become addicted) addiktoitua :: to addict (to become addicted) addiktoiva :: addictive Addis [informal] :: Addis Ababa (Ethiopia's capital city) Addis Abeba :: Addis Ababa (capital of Ethiopia) Addisonin tauti [pathology] :: Addison's disease addisonismi [pathology] :: Addison's disease additiivinen :: additive additio [chemistry] :: addition addukti [chemistry] :: adduct adduktiivinen :: adductive adduktio [physiology] :: adduction (movement which brings a body part towards the center line of the body or a limb) adduktiovääntökoe [pathophysiology] :: adduction test (test for determining the condition of a joint by examining its movements) adduktori [anatomy] :: adductor (muscle which draws a limb or part of the body toward the middle line of the body, or closes extended parts of the body) adekvaatisti :: adequately adekvaatti [medicine] :: adequate adekvaattinen :: alternative form of adekvaatti adekvaattius :: adequacy adeniini :: adenine adeniitti [pathology, jargon] :: adenitis (glandular inflammation) adenoblasti [cytology] :: adenoblast (embryonic cell that can develop to form glandular parenchyma) adenofibrooma [pathology] :: adenofibroma (benign glandular and fibrous neoplasm) adenohypofyysi [anatomy] :: adenohypophysis adenoidektomia [surgery] :: adenoidectomy, adenotomy adenoidiitti [pathology, jargon] :: adenoiditis (inflammation of the adenoid) adenoidinen [anatomy] :: glandiform adenokarsinooma [oncology] :: adenocarcinoma adenolipooma [pathology, jargon] :: adenolipoma (benign lipoma of a gland containing both glandular and fat tissue) adenolymfooma [pathology] :: adenolymphoma (benign tumour of the salivary glands) adenomatoidi [pathology] :: adenomatoid (of or pertaining to adenoma) adenomatoidikasvain [pathology] :: adenomatoid tumor (benign mesothelial tumour of the genital tract) adenomatoidinen :: alternative form of adenomatoidi adenomatoosi [pathology] :: adenomatosis (type of cancer) adenomatoottinen [pathology] :: adenomatotic (of or pertaining to adenomatosis) adenomyomatoosi [pathology] :: adenomyomatosis (condition) adenomyoosi [pathology] :: adenomyosis adenooma [pathology] :: adenoma adenoosi [pathology] :: adenosis (benign swelling, scarring or enlargement of the lymph glands) adenosarkooma :: adenosarcoma (uncommon form of cancer) adenosiini [biochemistry] :: adenosine (a nucleoside) adenosiinideaminaasi :: adenosine deaminase adenosiinidifosfaatti [biochemistry] :: adenosine diphosphate (a nucleotide) adenosiinimonofosfaatti [biochemistry] :: adenosine monophosphate adenosiininukleotidi [biochemistry] :: adenosine nucleotide adenosiinitrifosfaatti [biochemistry] :: adenosine triphosphate adenosiinitrifosfataasi [biochemistry] :: adenosinetriphosphatase adenosyytti [cytology] :: adenocyte (secretory cell of a gland) adenotomia [surgery] :: adenoidectomy adenotonsillektomia [surgery] :: adenotonsillectomy adenotonsilliitti [pathology] :: adenotonsillitis (inflammation of the tonsils and adenoids) adenovirus :: adenovirus adenylaattideaminaasi :: AMP deaminase (enzyme) adenylaattisyklaasi [biochemistry] :: adenylate cyclase, adenylyl cyclase (enzyme with key regulatory roles in essentially all cells) adenyylisyklaasi :: alternative form of adenylaattisyklaasi aderinsukeltaja-antilooppi :: Ader´s duiker, Cephalophus adersi (species of antelope) adessiivi [grammar] :: adessive.

paper) aallottaminen :: act of producing waves aallottaminen :: making (sth, e.g.


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