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Mansur left the qadi and took to traveling the world.

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Estimates of the Brahui population vary from 861,000 to over 1.5 million.

Most of this number is concentrated in Pakistan's Baluchistan Province around the town of Kalat.

Various explanations of the name Brahui have been suggested.

The most likely one is that it is a variation of Barohi, meaning "mountain dweller" or "highlander." During the seventeenth century, the Brahui rose to prominence in Kalat, in Baluchistan, a province of modern Pakistan.

This tale presents the Brahui view of the qualities and strength of character desirable in a wife, as well an element of scepticism toward religious leaders who preach purity to the world but practice otherwise.

The Brahui are Muslim, belonging mostly to the Sunni sect of Islam.

When Mansur and his wife returned to his home, the beauty of his wife caused such a stir that everyone from the qadi to the king desired to possess her.

However, Mansur's wife was steadfast in her fidelity to her husband.

“There are government-run primary schools in other parts of the province, but high schools have not been established so far.

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